Based on an original choreography by Maria Stokłosa, made anew every time, this show tries the impossible - to guide the audience through everything that the movements of the body consist of - the person, the biography, the philosophy, the history. The unknown will become familiar, dance will be spoken, traditions unbroken.

A dance and theatre project based on a personal story in the context of great political and systemic changes.

Direction, text and lighting design: Wojtek Ziemilski
Performers: Maria Stokłosa Damjana Černe Primož Bezjak
Dramaturgy: Sodja Zupanc Lotker
Assistant director: Alicja Balcerak
Costume design: Slavica Janošević
Lighting design: Marijan Sajovic
Make-up artist: Nathalie Horvat
Translation (Polish, English): Aleksander Nowacki
Translation (Slovene): Barbara Skubic
Language consultant (Slovene): Mateja Dermelj
Language consultant (English): Aleksandra Žerjav
Surtitles: Tina Malič
Production management: Katarzyna Sztarbała
Stage manager: Liam Hlede

Duration: 50 minutes
Performed in English

Shown at:
6. 6. 2018 Slovensko Mladinsko Gledalisce, Ljubljana, Slovenia
21. 6. 2018 Komuna//Warszawa
29-30.10.2018 Slovensko Mladinsko Gledalisce, Ljubljana, Slovenia
9.12.2018 Divine Comedy Festival, Kraków, Poland
5.04.2019 Slovensko Mladinsko Gledalisce, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Boldly, brilliantly witty, fresh and surprising.  Witold Mrozek, Dwutygodnik

I left the theatre  totally enthousiastic... It’s a show that’s funnny, wise and honest.
- Rafał Turowski, Exumag

An effective and telling performance.

Anja Radaljac, Delo, June 11, 2018