A witty and playful test of the limits of participatory theatre.

Theatre is  a symbol, or an excuse - for the nightmare of participation we experience everywhere. “Come Together” plays that game well, asking us constantly to join, while simultaneously showing how participation is impossible.

Five performers create a perfect illusion of communication. They are with us, they talk to us, they see us and acknowledge us. Nothing seems to stop us from joining them and getting even more out of theatre. So what’s stopping us? Can this be real? Can we really come together?

Text/Directed by Wojtek Ziemilski
Performed and co-devised by Lena Frankiewicz, Maria Stokłosa, Sean Palmer, Wojciech Pustoła, Krzysztof Strużycki
Scenography and costumes by Wojciech Pustoła
Choreography by Maria Stokłosa
Music by Sean Palmer
Lighting design by Michał Głaszczka
Assistant Director: Urszula Hajdukiewicz
Stage Manager: Olga Karoń
A production of Teatr Studio, Warsaw, Poland
Duration: 70 minutes

Supposedly every spectator dreams of entering the stage, while every actor is affraid of the audience invading his space. But is it really true? The extraordinary (anti)participatory project of Wojtek Ziemilski questions such concepts as: actors, audience, interaction, participation, involvement, fiction, reality, freedom of choice, theatrical convention - and it does all this with an anarchic sense of humor and the disarming insolence of a child who still doesn’t know what is allowed in theatre and what isn’t.
    - Anna Róża Burzyńska, Didaskalia