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Wojtek Ziemilski invited renowned Swiss perfumer Andreas Wilhelm to create a unique scent - the scent of Poland.
The project is a perfume accompanied by a lecture performance.

A sensual treatise about "the essence" of things, about the contemporary return of the great narratives, paradoxical in a world of such variety and change. The volatile, yet concretely present, work is something difficult to escape, it imposes its apparent essence.

Sharing national identity is tricky. How to share something which is intuitive and personal, yet objective, or at least, collective? In a time when politics is mainly about dividing and antagonism, how to find a sense of cohesion and commonness?

One possible solution is to think of politics as concretely as possible. Jacques Rancière famously asserted that politics are the division of the sensible. The smell can be a powerful weapon, building an unavoidable politics. We become the other - we dive in it, nose first. We discover a new, foreign feeling in the perfume that became us.  

The perfume is available in a signed limited edition of 101 bottles. For details contact Culturescapes -

“Essence of Poland” opened the Culturscapes 2019 Festival in Basel, Switzerland.

A project by Wojtek Ziemilski

Essence Creation: Andreas Wilhelm

Dramaturg: Sodja Zupanc Lotker

Product Design: Podpunkt

Production: Culturescapes

Executive Producer: Wojtek Ziemilski

5.10.2019 Culturescapes, Basel, Switzerland
7.10.2019 Collegium Nobilium, Warsaw, Poland
20.02.2020 Nine Lives, Olomouc, Czech Republic
3.09.202 Generation After, Nowy Teatr, Warsaw (EN)
15.10.2021 Teatre Lliure, Barcelona (EN)