In Translation is a performance by Adam Stoyanov, a deaf poet and actor. The creators of the show, Wojtek Ziemilski and Wojtek Pustoła, set the actor the task - seemingly impossible - to translate several poems by Różewicz into Polish Sign Language. Together with the translator and interpreter Katarzyna Głozak, the actor tries to convey Różewicz's works in a language that requires not only different semantics, but a completely different construction of meanings. Różewicz's poetry is rebuilt on the stage from scratch, revealing non-obvious interpretations and surprising and sometimes controversial meanings of words.

At the same time, the performance becomes an essay about sign language. By observing a deaf actor on stage, we begin to better understand the complexity of sign language. We also look at ourselves and our way of communicating, often bizarre and even terrifying for the Deaf.

Created by: Wojtek Ziemilski and Wojciech Pustoła
Director: Wojtek Ziemilski
Set design/video: Wojciech Pustoła
Performer: Adam Stoyanov
Translation/ Interpreter: Katarzyna Głozak
Text: Różewicz/ Ziemilski/ Stoyanov / Głozak / Pustoła
Stage manager: Elżbieta Kozak
Music: Aleksander Żurowski
A co-production of Wrocławski Teatr Współczesny and Wojtek Ziemilski 
Support: Komuna/Warszawa
Premiere: 08.10.2021
Duration: 50 minutes

Shown among others at :

3.11.22 Zamek Ujazdowski Contemporary Art Centre, Warsaw 
25.06.22 Teatr Śląski - Open the Door Festival, Katowice 
30.10.22 Theatrical Confrontations, Lublin

This performance is one of the most original, surprising, inspiring and touching interpretations of poetry. - Gazeta Wyborcza, Wrocław