A 16-minute performance for four performers: 1 human and 3 balloons.

A strange form is floating in the air. It’s a large balloon partially filled with helium. It seems to be manipulated by an invisible force. The human performer keeps negotiating his position with this unusual being. Who is leading who? How does one empathize with such a radical other? How does this even work? Is it directed? This is a transhumanist story, or a fairy-tale, or a symbol of alter ego. A formal choreography, an abstract performance, a human negotiation, a floating question.

Idea/directed by: Wojtek Ziemilski
Devised by: Wojtek Ziemilski and Wojciech Pustoła
Cast: Wojciech Pustoła/ Magda Ptasznik
A production of Komuna // Warszawa

Duration: 16 minutes
Part of the “Mikroteatr” series curated by Tomasz Plata

Shown at:
12-13.11.2016, Komuna Warszawa,
6.12.2017 Nowy Teatr
23.11.2018 Hellerau, Dresden, Germany

An unpredictible, incredibly focused meditation and treatise on relationships.
Zofia Cielątkowska